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The Amazing WoodGas Camp Stove

A revolution in outdoor cooking.

Uses up to 90% less fuel & Burns almost any fuel nature provides.


The Woodgas Camp Stove...
  • Ultra clean Burning
  • Free and abundant fuel
  • Doesn't need propane
  • Works well in cold temperatures
  • Safer than propane
  • Stay longer on any trip
  • Great for Emergency preparedness
  • Never run out of fuel for cooking outdoors
  • High efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
The Woodgas Stove is Good For...
  • Camping
  • Camping Hiking
  • Cooking on hiking, fishing and hunting trips
  • Bushcraft
  • Cooking meals and making smores in the backyard or patio.
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Scouting
  • Boy and girl scout troops
  • Ditch cost of buying propane for every trip.
  • Eliminate the waste of empty propane canisters
  • Perfect for emergency use and disaster preparedness.
Woodgas Stoves are good clean family fun & safer than open pit fires

Camping with woodgas in Sardinia
Click an image to enlarge
The WoodGas Camp Stove
  • Cooks cleanly with very little smoke.
  • Burns twigs, pine cones.
  • Burns any plant based fuel.
  • Light and compact.
  • Easy refueling while burning for long cooking sessions.
  • Two speed setting provides heat control.
  • Great for camping, backpacking, or smores anywhere.
  • Generates heat of a normal kitchen stove.
  • Developed by Scientist with 30+ years experience in biomass energy.
Check out what our customers are saying...
The Woodgas Stove Saved my life
About a year ago, the stove saved my life. I was on a kayak on a North Idaho river early in spring. After capsizing in the river, soaking all my clothes and sleeping bag, and developing hypothermia, I spent a subfreezing night huddled over 10,000 BTU of WoodGas heat. It was one of the worst nights of my life - and I've seen a few. But the stove gave me the heat to survive until morning.
Chris S, Northern Idaho
Aug 28, 2006
I received the wood gas stove and it is truly amazing!!!! I had ordered one of those fancy wood bar-b-q cookstoves for hundreds of dollars also and they are total garbage compared to your stove!! I would like to order 3 more wood gas stoves..
Linda, Marquette, MI
The Woodgas Stove is better than the Sierra Zip Stove
I compared the Woodgas stove to the Sierra stove and I think the Woodgas Camp Stove is much better:

In operating the Woodgas stove I've found:

-Less smoke
-Very little blackening on the bottom of the pot
-Stronger fan
-Deeper bowl
-Sturdier base for heavier pots
-The handle removes for storage and can double as tongs for removing the Hot
cross bar or other hot items.
-The outside of the stove stays cooler due to the air flow.
-The flame mostly stays in the stove rather than leaping up the sides of the pan.
-Price is about the same or a little lower if purchased from your website.
-Seems to boil water in the same amount of time.

Overall it felt like it was better quality, mainly due to the fact that the Sierra stove is trying to be a super light-weight stove for serious back packers. Since I am getting these stoves for camping and emergency preparedness groups/classes, weight is not a concern.

Overall I am very pleased with this stove/price, so that is why I ordered a couple more. After my second order I now have 4 Woodgas Camp Stoves!
John A. (United Kingdom)
The new WoodGas Camping Stoves are a revolution in the outdoor cooking industry. The stove encompasses many traditional camp stove ideas and utilizes today's cutting edge engineering and technology to produce a clean, efficient heat without specialized fuels.
The WoodGas Camping Stoves are unlike any other portable camping stoves on the market. The woodgas stove uses a small fan to draw in fresh air into the two stage combustion chamber, allowing for a cleaner, hotter and more efficient stove. Two AA batteries power the fan on one of two speed settings for easy temperature control.
Whether your are backpacking, hiking, camping, making smores or tailgating at your favorite game, the WoodGas Camping Stoves are the all around convenient solution to your portable outdoor cooking needs.
When we say "Pack the stove, not the fuel," literally we mean you do not need to take any fuel with you. No need for bulky propane canisters or messy charcoal bricks.
The WoodGas Camping Stoves will burn just about any combustible material. Everything from grasses, sticks and twigs to branches and pine cones. The WoodGas Camping Stoves will burn just about anything.
How The WoodGas camping stoves work
Dual Stage Combustion

The WoodGas stove effectively burns the fuel twice.

In the first stage, combustion air is driven into the fuel to create some smoke (or wood-gas). This occurs in the gasification zone of the above diagram.

In the second stage, more combustion air is driven into the chamber to burn the gas from the first stage. This occurs in the combustion zone of the above diagram.

The electric fan provides the combustion air in just the right amounts to produce the gas and burn it completely.


  • High Efficiency - very little wood produces lots of heat.
  • Low Smoke -
  • Campfire Smell almost completely eliminated.
  • Hot flame - cooks food quickly.



Woodgas Camp Stove LE (light edition)
Heat Output - high power: 10,000 BTU/hour (3 KW)
Heat Output - low power: 5,000 BTU/hour (1.5 KW)
Burn Time: 10-12 Minutes for single charge of twigs
Burn Time: 40-50 minutes for single charge of sawdust pellets
(burn times vary greatly depending on fuel used but stove can operate continuously by carefully adding fuel every couple minutes)
Fuel Consumption - high power (dry): 1.7 lbs/hour (0.8 Kg/hour)
Fuel Consumption - low power (dry): 0.9 lbs/hour (0.4 Kg/hour)
Total Height: 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Total Diameter: 5" (12.7 cm)
Fire Pot Height: 4" (10.1cm)
Fire Pot Diameter: 4" (10.1cm)
Total Weight: 1 lb 10 oz
Power Usage: ~150mA at 3V (high power)
Power Usage: ~140mA at 3V (low power)
Batteries (not included): 2-AA
Battery Life (Alkaline): 10-11 hours

Woodgas Camp Stove XL (extra large)

Heat Output - high power: 12,000 BTU/hour (3.6 KW)
Heat Output - low power: 9,000 BTU/hour (2.7 KW)
Burn Time: 20-24 Minutes for single charge of twigs
Burn Time: 1Hr 10Min - 1Hr 24Min for single charge of sawdust pellets
(burn times vary greatly depending on fuel used but stove can operate continuously by carefully adding fuel every couple minutes)
Fuel Consumption - high power (dry): 2.2 lbs/hour (1 Kg/hour)
Fuel Consumption - low power (dry): 1.6 lbs/hour (0.7 Kg/hour)
Total Height: 9" (22.9 cm)
Total Diameter: 6" (15.25cm)
Fire Pot Height: 6.4" (16.3cm)
Fire Pot Diameter: 4.6" (11.7cm)
Total Weight: 2 lb 3 oz
Batteries (not included): 2-AA
Battery Life: (Alkaline): 8 hrs

Mega (Woodgas Fireplace)

Base Diameter: 13.5"
Height: 11"
Burn Time (Twigs/Chips): 40 Minutes
Burn Time (Pellets): 90 Minutes
Product Weight: 15 lbs
Shipping Weight: 16 lbs
Power Consumption: 2 Watts
Power Voltage: 9 Volts
Power Current: 220 mA
Heat Output on High: 55,000 btu/hr
Knob to control fan speed.
 - Base Fireplace
 - Lid to protect the fireplace after use
 - AC Power Power Adapter

History of WoodGas Stove Technology

Dr. Tom Reed, a professor of Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, first investigated cooking with wood in 1986.

The year before, he had visited Africa and discovered the problem of third world cooking. Cooking in the developing world is largely done over open fires. These fires are often indoors, and are very detrimental to the health of the occupants. Smoke from indoor fires cause emphysema, lung cancer and eye disease. The fires are also very inefficient, causing deforestation.


Dr. Reed was a specialist in Wood Gasification. A process where wood is gasified to produce fuel for heating and electrical production. He decided that applying his gasification knowledge might provide a solution to problems of developing world cooking.


Over the years, he tinkered with various solutions, and by 2000 had built early prototypes of the WoodGas camping stove. Eventually, he and his partners built a prototype ready for manufacture and sale.


In 2005, Spenton LLC was formed to manufacture and sell the stoves. Spenton LLC is owned and operated by James Becker, a resident of Denver Colorado. iENERGY Inc. has partnered with Spenton LLC to market the WoodGas camping stoves .


Today, Tom Reed and his partners run two organizations, The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF), which works to develop energy solutions using biomass gasification; and WoodGas LLC, which works on developing new stove designs for third world applications. Every stove sold today includes a royalty which is paid to WoodGas LLC and BEF for continuing research and development.


We offer fire starting aids and solar battery chargers for your convenience. Convenient and secure payment options including Visa and Master Card.
The WoodGas MEGA

Outdoor Fireplace
Puts out a whopping 55,000 BTU of Heat!
Includes stove, AC adaptor and lid.

The WoodGas Camp Stove

XL Edition

2 Times longer burn time!
(Compared to LE for single fuel charge, fuel can be added for continuous burn)
Includes stove, battery holder, cross bar to hold cooking pan, handle & free carry bag! Batteries sold separately.
*New stoves are all stainless steel!

The WoodGas Camp Stove

LE Edition
Under 2 lbs for portability
Includes stove, battery holder, cross bar to hold cooking pan, handle & free carry bag!

The Woodgas MEGA
Solar Charger
3V AC-DC Adapter
Fire Starter
Carry Bag


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